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Earn Your Montessori Certification In-Person

Whether you’re new to the educational field or a veteran teacher seeking a specialized Montessori teaching degree, you have options for earning these credentials. Many potential educators have the option of either in-person or online studies. Each form of education has its pros and cons. Today we’re taking a deeper dive into the benefits of earning a Montessori teaching certificate in person and how students can reap the benefits of face-to-face learning.

Pros and Cons of Online Learning

Flexibility in where and when you attend classes is one of the most important reasons students opt to earn their Montessori teaching certificate online. Other benefits many students enjoy with online education include:

  • Lower cost for boarding and housing – many people may live in a lower cost-of-living area than where the school is located.
  • Better networking opportunities – students can interact with others across the country or even around the world.
  • Students can still keep their regular job and learn in their off time.
  • Students with disabilities may have greater access to educational opportunities.

Although the flexibility and convenience of online learning are important, this type of education also has many drawbacks. Students miss out on vital peer interactions by completing coursework alone in their homes. In-person learning affords opportunities for connecting with and working alongside cohorts. Study groups, practicums and social gatherings allow for the chance to exchange ideas and develop friendships and contacts that can last well into your professional career. 

And, while many potential students believe they can juggle household responsibilities with at-home learning, many may be unprepared for the distractions or self-motivation necessary to complete an online degree. The idea of being able to learn, study and test from one’s home sounds ideal but the reality is after a long day of work or caring for a family, it can be hard to find the energy to successfully complete assignments. 

Benefits of In-Person Montessori Certification Education

We believe in active participation for our Montessori certification students. Smaller classes allow our instructors to give each student more personalized attention. We offer hands-on learning, allowing you to put skills into practice instead of simply learning the concepts.

The peer interactions also allow our students to learn from one another, engage in the classroom, and encourage one another. Practical instruction cannot be replaced by online methods, as it helps the students with the emotional, physical, and cognitive aspects of learning.

Finally, having your instructor present during class and your practical education allows you to have a back-and-forth dialogue to round out your education in the Montessori program. We encourage lively debate and questions, which you may not be able to benefit from in a strictly online course curriculum.

What Makes ICME In-Person Montessori Certification Different?

Flexibility in taking classes is important to many of our students, both those who are earning their teaching credentials while working a full-time job and those who are full-time students. We value your time and obligations, so we offer flexible times for classes and even starting dates to begin your in-person Montessori certification. 

Finally, our facilities also provide early childhood education onsite, so when it’s time for your practicum hours, you can take them at our ICME location. Our onsite Montessori school allows you to put what you’ve learned into practice, with your professors and mentors close to guide you. Practicum hours are not limited to our on-site school though. We have contacts with other Montessori schools in the area if it better suits your needs. 

Another benefit for our students is that our Montessori teaching program is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). When you take classes at ICME, you know every course curriculum is approved by the MACTE. When applying for a teaching position, graduating from an accredited Montessori program can give you an advantage over graduating with a certification from a non-accredited school.

Are You Ready to Get Your Montessori Teaching Certificate in Texas?

If you have always wanted to become a Montessori educator but weren’t sure how to get started, ICME is the place to start for quality in-person learning. We are a MACTE-accredited higher learning institution serving students in Fort Worth, TX. We offer excellent scholarship opportunities for students who qualify and flexible enrollment and payment options so you can earn your certification in your own time.

Contact our school today to learn about the certification program and classes available near you!


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