School History And Director’s Profile

Kanwar Suri, School Director:

EDUCATION:  B.S. (Engr); MBA (Finance); MTI, Early Childhood and Elementary Diploma.

EXPERIENCE: Marine Engineer, Ship Chartering, Ship Management, Automotive Businesses, Real Estate Investments, Montessori Teacher and School owner since 2014.

In June 2014, I got involved with my wife, in owning and opening a Montessori School in Coppell, TX. My wife, who is herself a graduate in Child Psychology and has worked as a Montessori Teacher, wanted to own and manage her own Montessori School. As the school grew, we felt the lack of properly trained teachers who were ingrained with the Montessori Philosophy.

With the Montessori method of teaching, we feel the difference a well-trained teacher can make in not only managing a classroom, but also in helping to rationalize the curriculum given to the children at an early age. It is because of this very important observation that we decided to start the International Center for Montessori Education Inc., so we could help impart this to future Montessori teachers.

Having researched the various training modules available to future Montessori teachers at the various training centers in our area, we reached the conclusion that ICME Inc. will be the kind of training  center that will provide the opportunity to every trainee in its programs to learn the philosophy and methodology espoused by Dr. Maria Montessori, but also the principles and the techniques needed to manage a Montessori Class successfully with rationality as a standard. It is in this way that future teachers can go out and contribute to the development of each child they will be responsible for.


Do more than just teach … Become a Montessori Teacher!!!