Early Childhood Course

The Early Childhood curriculum prepares Adult Learners to teach children 2 1/2 through 6 years of age in a period of 24 weeks of lecture hours and 24 weeks of externship/internship.

It also consists of two units, Unit A: Pedagogical Theory and Unit B: Externship /Internship, starting the first week of January and ending the last week of June or starting the first week of August and ending last week of January. Both units need to be completed in no more than one fiscal year to qualify for the certificate of completion.

The Educational level of this course is that of undergraduate, post-secondary or continuing education, according to the criteria of ACCET Accreditation Council for Continuing Education and Training, also as per MACTE (Montessori Council for Teachers Education).

The Early Childhood Course consists of approximately 200 lecture hours, 67 supervised practicum hours, 1000 hours of teaching experience or internship throughout the course duration including the assignments of presentation, individual reading and preparation of the notebooks or manuals.

Explanation Of Subjects


Sensorial materials for the development of phonetic reading and writing in a natural way. Formation of phonetic words, logical agreements, vocabulary, building and reading sentences, study of words, spelling and logical agreements and word associations.

Clock Hours: 30 hrs


Sensorial materials with the purpose to represent mathematical concepts in concrete form, suitable for early education through stimulus and manipulation. Numeration in sequence, place value, function of the four basic operations, memorization of addition facts, concept of odd and even and penmanship of numbers.

Clock Hours: 30 hrs

Sensorial Development I

A series of materials designed to stress the importance of educating the senses, sharpening the child’s ability to discriminate color, size, shape, texture, weight, sound, taste, etc., as well as the identification, knowledge, name and form of all plane figures and solids. Sensorial presentation of Binomial and Trinomial Cubes.

Clock Hours: 37 hrs

Sensorial Development II

Materials that contribute to the development of language as well as giving children the opportunity too enlarge their knowledge by exposure to Geography, Botany, Zoology and History. Concepts such as the External Parts of Vertebrates, Parts of the Plant, Parts of the Flower, Concept of Continent and Ocean, Concept of time, Days of the Week, are concepts given at the preschool level in a very sensorial and concrete way.

Clock Hours: 37 hrs

Practical Life

Practical exercises that are carefully planned and set up for the child to develop, confidence, independence, good working work habits, attention span, coordination and concentration. Exercises that allow the child to fulfill his\her inner needs of repeating the presentations over and over again, leading toward inner discipline and self-control.

Clock Hours: 30 hrs

Classroom Management

Principles and techniques as well as verbalization skills needed to obtain a class environment conductive to learning and self-discipline. How to manage discipline situations, how to maintain the record and progress of each student, how to prepare plans of study, how to talk to parents and how to solve all kinds of situations in an environment with rationality.

Clock Hours: 30 hrs

Psychology And Philosophy

This course is designed to provide an intensive practical and comprehensive study of Dr. Maria Montessori method of education. It also includes the study of the different stages of development and the child’s psychological characteristics from birth to 12 years of age.

Clock Hours: 19 hrs

Pre-Requisites To Qualify For ICME Inc. Diploma

  • Fulfillment of financial responsibilities
  • Complete attendance of all lecture-demonstrations
  • A total of a least 60 hours of supervised practice
  • Internship for a period of one school year is required. Paid internships are available.
  • Presentation of written Home Studies on Montessori Psychology, Methodology and Philosophy.
  • Completion of all Montessori Manuals.


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